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Products & Services

Burglar Alarm Systems

Early intrusion detection is essential, to minimize theft and vandalism. A properly designed and installed burglar alarm system will fulfill the task. Concealed Technology Services, Inc. (CTS) can provide a customized security system to meet your needs.

Burglar alarm systems may consist of door or gate contact switches, motion sensors, glass break detectors, photoelectric beams or a number of other detection devices. Hard-wired or wireless, portable panic buttons provide instant notification (usually silent), of a serious problem or emergency. Industrial processes and/or environmental conditions, such as room temperature, power loss, machinery stoppage, boiler shut-down and the like can also be monitored.

Your burglar alarm system can be programmed to tell you who's alarm code was used, to disarm the security system, and at what time the system was disarmed or armed. Recorded event history will inform you which detection devices were sent into alarm status.

In most cases, intrusion events trigger internal and external sirens, as well as sending alarm signals, to a central monitoring station. The sirens serve to scare away intruders and minimize theft or damage. Central monitoring station operators notify client personnel and law enforcement agencies, as necessary.

Burglar alarm systems will give you peace of mind, while protecting your family and home, or your business and employees. Inquire about premium discounts, with your insurance carrier!

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Fire Alarm Systems

A fire, in your home or business, can cause havoc and destruction in minutes! Deaths and property loss can be greatly minimized, by having a properly designed and installed fire detection system. Concealed Technology Services, Inc. (CTS) can provide and install a fire alarm / life safety system, for you.

Smoke and/or heat detection provide early warning, of the impending threat, of fire. This is most critical, when your family is asleep or your business is unoccupied. Upon discovering smoke or other hazardous conditions, manual pull stations are an instant means, of alerting fellow occupants and emergency response agencies.

Automatic sprinkler systems can be monitored, for flowing water and valve closures. Industrial processes and environmental conditions, such as high or low room temperatures, power loss, etc. can also be detected and monitored. Monitoring these functions has saved businesses millions, of dollars, in property damages.

Fire alarm / life safety systems must conform to regulations established by federal, state and municipal agencies. CTS will determine what is required, to assure your fire alarm system meets all regulatory requirements.

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Central Station Alarm & Video Monitoring

An alarm system activation is only helpful, if someone knows it!





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Video Surveillance (CCTV) Systems

Business owners and managers must be vigilant, in safeguarding their employees, visitors and assets. Since they cannot be everywhere, at once, they employ the use of video electronics, to "see" many areas simultaneously.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) technology has advanced tremendously, over the past several years. CTS has remained educated, to these technological advances, in order to provide and install the most viable video security solution to meet your needs. Whether it be a simple one or two camera set-up, to a complex video surveillance system, we have the expertise and experience to assist you.

Outdoor CCTV cameras may help, with property and/or building perimeter security. You may want a video record of who enters your facilities, and when they do so. You may reduce physical security (uniformed guard) or receptionist expenditures, by using video cameras and intercoms.

Other reasons, to consider a video surveillance system, include theft reduction, record criminal activity or horseplay, prevent fraud, improve employee productivity and promote workplace safety. You may assist in meeting insurance requirements and possibly reduce insurance premiums.

CTS has designed video security systems that involved multiple facilities, solar power and wireless video transmission. Whatever the challenge, we can devise a system to work, for you.

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Access Control Systems

Concealed Technology Services, Inc. (CTS) is your one source company, to design and install an access control system, to meet your needs. From a simple single door controller, to the most sophisticated world-wide enterprise systems, CTS has the expertise to secure your facilities.

A properly designed access control system will determine who may go where, and when they may do so. Many government contracts or business customers may require a vendor to have full or partially controlled access. An access control system can simplify the management, of your facility or premises.

  1. An access control system can:

  2. Limit access to restricted areas

  3. Reduce the risk of theft

  4. Help prevent vandalism or espionage

  5. Reduce business interruptions

  6. Mitigate injuries and liability

  7. Record employee, visitor and contractor activity

  8. Eliminate key retrieval or re-keying locksets

CTS can install your access control hardware, including locking mechanisms, load and program the system software and train your authorized administrators. We can provide simple entry keypads, proximity card readers and biometric authentication readers (fingerprint, hand, face, iris).

Access control systems may be integrated, with other security equipment, such as closed circuit television (CCTV) systems, intercom systems or intrusion detection systems.

Let Concealed Technology Services, Inc. show you how a properly designed access control system may help and protect your business.

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Intercom Systems

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Photo Identification Badges

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